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Devi Navrathiri   

Ganesh Chathurthi 2017-1

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Click here for full program detailsInstallation of Sri Saraswathi Devi ( Noothana Kumbhabihegam )

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Dear Devotees,
You are cordially invited to attend

Installation of Sri Saraswathi Devi (Noothana Kumbhabishegam)

at Thriu Subrahmaniyar Aalayam, 69 Tidal Road, Mangere, Auckland.

14/08/2016 – Jalathivasam – Saraswathi will be sleeping in the water from this day onwards for 11 days

25/08/2016 – Dhanyathivasam – Saraswathi will be laid to sleep on a bed of rice/ Devotees are requested to bring rice and offer to Lord as a bedding. On the day of Kumbabishegam, this rice will be distributed to devotees.

2/09/2016- Main Prayer starts

3/09/2016 – after 8 pm, devotees will be allowed to offer oil to Lord Saraswathi Devi

4/9/2016 – between 11am and 12pm –  Maha Kumbabishegam

5/09/2016 – Ganesh Chathurthi

In the auspicious Durmugi year, 18th day of Aavani month, Sunday 4th September 2016, between 11.00 am to 12.00 noon Noothana Kumbhabishegam will be conducted by our temple priests “Brahma Sri Sivagama Kriya Visharat” Mani Gurukkal and “Brahma Sri Sivagama Kriya Visharat” Karthik Gurukkal.

Please join us and if possible help us to ensure the success of this grand occasion (This is the first installation of Saraswathi Devi in New Zealand).

If you are willing to perform in either music or dance for this occasion, please contact us. We are actively seeking individuals or groups to offer your performance as “upacharam” (Offerings to Saraswathi). People who want to sponsor and or perform during 45 days during mandalabishegam please contact either priests or committee members to allocate a suitable time for you. We are offering this opportunity to sponsor a kala Pooja or a Homam. Please contact us and sponsor this Kumbabishegam.

We look forward to seeing you at the temple.
From the Priests and Temple Committee


To bring this temple construction project to reality, we kindly request your generous donations. Any size of donation is welcome and will be highly appreciated. We assure that all donated funds will be utilized strictly for the construction of Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam

Please remember that donation made to NZ Hindu temple Society is tax deductible (Charity status no. CC46402). We will issue an official receipt as soon as we receive your donation.

This project will not be able to get completed without the contribution and participation of like minded devotees like you. Devotees are requested to contribute in any of the below mentioned options towards this noble cause.

Options for donation / sponsorship:

Option 1  ”Automatic payment” scheme:

Devotees can contribute a small sum of $100 or $50 or $25 or any amount every week / fortnight / every month for their preferred duration to buy 1 sq meter of the premise inside the temple, which totals $1500. This small contribution will ensure that this project work does not get stopped in between for the lack of funds.

Option 2:

Please read the attached donation request to choose an appropriate one. In this option, a portion of the raw materials that is required for the phase can be can be contributed. If desired, interested people can have the payment directly made to the vendor/supplier also in this option.

All the sponsors details would be acknowledged in our website. Major donations (above $5,001) the name and address is being planned to be displayed at the temple.

“Small drops of water make a mighty ocean”. This divine project will not get completed successfully without the participation of large number of devotees. Please contribute to this project in whatever capacity that is possible and help.

Latest News – Bhoomi Pooja done on 24 October 2012

People donated $101.00 towards the brick which will go to the construction of Grabha Graha. They had the opportunity to write their names in the brick themselves. These bricks are still available at our Stanhope Temple for your convenience. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation of gratitude to all volunteers, donors, Auckland Indian Sweets and Spices, Balaji Sweets, Mega Mitre10 – Botany for their valuable contribution on that day. General Appeal

Dear Devotees and Friends,

We as a community have been truly blessed by the Divine Grace to have a beautiful Hindu Temple built in our City of Sails. We can complete the Pilgrimage of a lifetime simply through one visit to our temple. Most of the popular deities from India will be installed and will been properly consecrated according to the Agama Shastras.

You will feel the divine presence in the Temple site. Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam will become a focal point of many individuals of our community as it will serve the religious, spiritual, educational, cultural, social and charitable needs of the societyand experience the Hindu Culture & Hindu Heritage right here in Auckland.

It is essential that we make certain that this Temple meets its financial obligations. Our total project cost is $750,000  and there are many ways for you to support our temple—you may become a member, a donor, sponsor one of the many religious events.

Donation amounts are designed to suit all levels of giving. Contributing to our temple leave a permanent legacy for the future generations.

Please visit the Temple website for up-to-date information about temple activities, volunteer opportunities, and to make your financial commitment.

Please provide generous support for the New Zealand Hindu temple Society Inc. Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam.

Remember it is your Temple!